Home Elevator Safety at its Best

Home Elevator Safety

Home Elevator Safety at its Best

Home elevator safety is an essential feature for us, that is why all DomusLift residential elevators are installed, operated and maintained in accordance to manufacturer’s manual and industry safety standards.

Home Elevator SafetyDomusLift is a safe elevator approved with the highest safety standards and it strictly complies with the rules set forth by code requirements (ASME A17.1, Part V, Section 5.3).

A number of safety features (battery backup, emergency lighting, infra-red barriers, and more) makes the reliability and safety of these home elevators unsurpassed and it is virtually impossible to get stuck between floors, or freefall.


DomusLift and home elevator safety for your home

With decades of experience and thousands of elevators installed throughout the world, we offer safe elevators designed to provide years of dependable and trouble-free operation.

Quality, safety and reliability are built into each DomusLift, designed and manufactured to meet or exceed local and national codes and to ensure quality and performance.


The right residential elevator at the right price

The residential elevator prices for the DomusLift line make them an excellent choice for homes and condominiums, enabling easy mobility between floors and ensuring superior quality.

In addition to offering reliable performance and continuous product improvements, we provide a complete elevator training program and detailed design information.

For all your future residential projects, choose one of the best in class luxury products for the home.

Choose the prestige of an Italian brand with the ability to meet the challenges of unique projects and install a home elevator which adds improved value to your house.

All DomusLift innovative home elevators are designed with enhanced home elevator safety features and best-in-class, cost-effective finishes ranging from cab size, cab finishes, door configurations, external and internal controls, luxury finishes, customised design, as well as décor and accessories.

Visit www.domuslift.us/home-elevator-safety

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