Green elevators save energy

Green elevators save energy DomusLift

Green elevators save energy

Green elevators in the DomusLift range are energy efficient and provide reduced energy consumption in line with IGV Group environmentally friendly vision.

Green lifts save energy DomusLiftDomusLift energy efficient lifts are easy to install and suitable for small spaces. Our green elevators easily connect to any 230 V mains supply and consumes less than 10 Amp, the same power amount of a small electrical appliance.

In standby, our green lifts reduce energy consumption close to zero (0.031 kW), while keeping maximum performance.

DomusLift can be powered by any source of renewable energy. Energy saving DomusLift elevators can be powered by any source of renewable energy, such as sunlight and wind.

Electric or hydraulic

Energy saving means reduced energy consumption, thanks to both versions of our DomusLift small lifts. The electric model with inverter operated gearless motor or the hydraulic model, with green oil.

Energy efficiency and maximum comfort: silent travel and extreme levelling accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art gearless motor.

LED lighting

LED light technology for the car lighting, which allows additional energy saving compared to traditional systems. The LED lighting in the cab and the auto-off lighting systems when the home elevator is not operating ensure additional energy saving.


The DomusLift residential elevator has earned the highest rating in energy efficiency, based on standards set by the prestigious German Engineering Association, Verei Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI).

DomusLift  elevator allow to reduce energy consumption with customised and environmentally friendly solutions.

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