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Pole House: an Australian icon

The Pole House is a special residence offering one of the most impressive views of the Australian coast; this is the chosen destination for surfers from around the world. Adjacent to it, projecting into the sea, a completely independent house overlooking the beach.

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Green elevators save energy DomusLift

Green elevators save energy

Green elevators in the DomusLift range are energy efficient and provide reduced energy consumption in line with IGV Group environmentally friendly vision.

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Design Elevator DomusLift Liberty

Design Elevator DomusLift Liberty

The design elevator DomusLift Liberty will give your house a unique look.

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DomusLift Private Residence Elevators Workshop in Miami

DomusLift Private Residence Elevators Workshop

On last October 27, 2016, the DomusLift Showroom in Miami held an interesting workshop on luxury elevators.

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DomusLift Art – Limited Edition

The new lifting platform model featuring Italian art masterpieces.

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Home elevators

Home Elevators and Italian Design

The design, engineering, construction and service capabilities of the DomusLift deliver exclusive and luxury home elevators.

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Home Elevator Safety

Home Elevator Safety at its Best

Home elevator safety is an essential feature for us, that is why all DomusLift residential elevators are installed, operated and maintained in accordance to manufacturer’s manual and industry safety standards.

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Panoramic elevator

Panoramic Elevator with 360° View

A panoramic elevator adds functionality with style to your home.

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Design elevator

Design elevator dressed in Swarovski®

Design elevator means custom Italian luxury cabs with automatic sliding doors created in collaboration with renowned brands and designers.

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Home Elevator Design at your Service

Home elevator design has become more common in recent years, providing accessibility, increased mobility and convenience in homes and buildings.

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