Panoramic Elevator with 360° View

Panoramic elevator

Panoramic Elevator with 360° View

A panoramic elevator adds functionality with style to your home.


ExternalThe attention-grabbing appearance of the DomusLift Panoramic, our glass residential elevator, with its clear panel structure, complements the space not overwhelming it. The ride is a real treat with the exciting 360-degree view.

Nothing makes a home elevator more impressive than glass panel walls and matching glass walls for a hoistway.


The beauty of a panoramic elevator

The beauty of a panoramic glass elevator and the convenience of improved access and mobility, provided by the DomusLift Panoramic, fuse function and style and the system can be completely customised to suit your personal needs and tastes.

This glass home elevator is designed to integrate beautifully into existing homes or new constructions; an artistic centerpiece offering an unobstructed view of your home.

With minimal installation time, as an additional asset of our panoramic elevator, we can confidently say that few other home elevator systems offer this type of flexibility.

When choosing a panoramic elevator, you do not only need to find the perfect elevator for your needs, but also a reliable home elevator manufacturer with a proven history of success and meeting customers’ expectations. Luxury and design residential elevators blend technology, style and offer vertical mobility for any residential application.

DomusLift means home elevator design at its best, with superior quality and reliable performance. These residential elevators are the best choice for architects, home owners and design professionals; they can be customized in size and style and are certified at the highest safety standards. Choose the prestige of an Italian brand which blends luxury style with an extraordinary user experience.

For more than 50 years, IGV has been designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for the vertical mobility, becoming a worldwide leading elevator manufacturer of custom residential solutions.

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