Home Elevator Design at your Service


Home Elevator Design at your Service

Home elevator design has become more common in recent years, providing accessibility, increased mobility and convenience in homes and buildings.

Home elevator designIn the luxury market, residential elevators are an elegant feature and increase property value.

They do not only provide barrier-free living, but add style and design, while meeting safety and space-saving requirements.

DomusLift offers architects and builders unmatched quality and stunning home elevator design; it boasts a range of luxury home elevators exceeding safety standards, and ensuring access that fits architectural and building requirements.


DomusLift is home elevator design at its best

The wide variety of residential elevators by DomusLift provides unrivalled customization opportunities as to size, finishes and reliable products with proven performance and exceptional service.

They are the best in class home elevators and deliver ongoing superiority dressed in stunning Italian design!


Some advantages of the home elevator design

  • Fully-enclosed Passenger Cab – The DomusLift home elevator is equipped with a fully enclosed cab without open work. There is no gap between cab and hoistway door. This means a safer and simpler use any time.
  • Space Saving – The DomusLift home elevator silhouette is lean and compact. It only requires 8” for the pit, while minimum headroom is 9’-6’’. There will be no waste of space or need for deep excavation.
  • Comfort and Quietness – For maximum passenger comfort, the DomusLift is equipped with an ultra-smooth drive system (gearless motor system) ensuring extremely silent and smooth movements during start, accelerate and deceleration.
  • Custom home elevator – The DomusLift is custom built and designed to fit almost anywhere within your home, with minimal impact on architecture. A team of engineers and technicians will work on your project in order to propose the best solution for your home.

For more details, visit in our website the page dedicated to architects and builders.

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  1. Braden Bills Reply

    I’m trying to come up with a way to make my home more accessible. I didn’t know that you could have elevators put in like this! I think I would want to get a space saving one, since I don’t want it to take up too much.

    • The Elevator Insider Editor Reply

      Thank you for your message! Visit the DomusLift US website to discover more about the home elevators: http://www.domuslift.us.

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